What We Believe


Natural Healthy Ingredients

With much love for her family combined with her fiery passion for cooking, Mama Kim is a testament to the unmeasurable love of a mother as she prepares hearty, healthy meals for her loved ones to make sure they’re on the right path to healthy living despite her busy schedule.

A foodie herself, Mama Kim understands the perception that healthy food more often than not, lacks in taste. This led her to experiment with various styles of cooking and different ingredients to enhance flavours, changing the perception entirely with the success of her delicious healthy creations.

Mother’s Love

Cuisine that bears the touch of a mother's love, flowing from the affection that a mother feels for her family and children, who ensures that they always have a healthy and wholesome meal to look forward to no matter how busy she gets - that's the emotion that permeates Mama Kim's cooking. We dedicate ourselves to use the freshest of ingredients to create our dishes, free of artificial flavourings. In addition to that, we pour our heart and soul into all our cuisine, and it is a cause especially close to our heart to champion the taste of homemade cooking for those who live outside the comforts of home. At the same time, we are striving to eliminate the stereotype of eating out as an unhealthy, MSG-laden experience.

At Mama Kim, we price our meals affordably, with dishes starting from as little as RM7. The accessible price point makes us appealing to both students and working adults alike. What's more, we emphasize on the importance of white meat in our modern approach towards healthy eating, and always make sure our customers get to eat healthily and happily.


The Food

Stewing - Sauna Mee

Served in a 250c-heated-up stone bowl, Sauna Mee is filled with the good nutrients and flavours from five-hours of slow cooking, accompanied with fried garlic and chilli sambal.


Boiling - Black Porridge

The Black Porridge is a balanced mix of nourishing porridge and mushroom that are both delicious and good for the digestive system.


Baking - Cheesy Baked Rice with Mushrooms

A delicious combination of brown rice and vegetables that are baked to maintain the original taste. The Baked Cheesy Mushroom Rice is filled with nutrients from its five colour ingredients.


Steaming - Steamed Rice

The Steamed Rice consists of healthy brown rice served with portions of vegetables and meat, as well as a bowl of double boiled soup prepared right from the heart.


Frying - Wild Mushroom Fried Rice

Packed with proteins and various vitamins from freshly picked mushrooms, the Wild Mushroom Fried Rice is healthy and yummy with its homemade sauce that is MSG-free.


Mama Kim's 5 Methods of Healthy Cooking

In order to provide the healthiest and tastiest possible dishes for our customers, we insist on zero preservatives and artificial colouring in our ingredients, minimising our usage of salt and absolutely will not deep fry our dishes.

The Concept

Mama Kim is a testament to the unmeasurable love of a mother as she perpares hearty, healthy meals.


Balance of Five Colours | 五色均衡

Mama Kim's cooking emphasises on the use of 5 colours: red, yellow, green, black and white. By keeping to this principle, every single dish in our restaurant gives you the best in nutrients. Take our Sauna Mee for example. Red is represented by carrots and tomatoes, yellow by corn, green by lettuce and snap peas, white by enoki mushrooms and cabbage, and finally, black by mushrooms. One would be hard pressed to find another restaurant that fulfils this criterion.

No 3 Whites - Sugar, Rice & Flour | 三白不用

We at Mama Kim are staunchly against the use of white sugar, white rice and white flour. Most people nowadays uses these three ingredients heavily in their meals. Due to the fact that they're refined, processed and have additives added to them, the manufacturing process of white sugar, rice and flour have erased most of the nutrients that they naturally have.

80:20 Food Ratio | 80/20 饮食法则

Mama Kim takes pride in upholding the 80:20 food ratio, whereby 80% of our dishes consist of vegetables, and the remaining 20% is meat, for the sake of our customers' health. A commonly known fact about vegetables and fruits is that the fibre they contain cannot be absorbed by the human body. However, fibre itself does retain a lot of water, which in turn helps with our digestive processes.

Ingredient Cleansing via Ocean Mineral Sea Salt | 深海钙盐的洁净

For every ingredient we use, we cleanse them with care by immersing them in ocean mineral sea salt before handing them to our chefs. This way, our customers have the benefit of savouring the safest and most hygienic food. The leading inspection & verification company SGS has proven that the usage of ocean mineral sea salt can eliminate 99.9% of pesticides and residues from insecticides found in vegetables and fruits, and also 99.9% of growth hormones in meat.


Awards and Recognition

Malaysia Health @ Wellness Brand Award

Aims to reward the best in the industry and significant contributions to Malaysia's health and wellness industry.

Sin Chew Business Award

One of the most trusted and prestigious business award program in Malaysia with emphasis on strategic management approaches.