Mama proves healthy food can be tasty

28th November 2016

With the tagline “Where healthy is yummy”, you can expect delicious and nutritious food at Mama Kim Sauna Mee Restaurant.

Chef and supervisor Max Khor said the aim is to spread the message that healthy food can be tasty too.

“Our concept of 80% vegetables and 20% meat in a single dish makes Mama Kim a stand-out for those who prefer healthy and yummy dishes.

“We use lots of vegetables. In other restaurants, vegetables may be merely used for garnishing, here it takes centre stage,” he said.

The menu is designed to provide a balanced diet with fresh ingredients and five colours as well as no MSG, no white sugar, no white flour, and less salt.

Restaurant founder Liu Kim Hwa is often referred to as Mama by staff, and the name soon caught on with customers who would call her Mama Kim, hence the name of the restaurant.

We were served the titular Sauna Mee (RM15.90).

Khor said the restaurant had a huge oven that could heat up to 72 pots to 300°C to ensure that the pot stayed hot while customers enjoyed their meal, hence the name sauna mee.

Don’t forget the soup while you enjoy the noodles.