6th September 2017

Mama proves healthy food can be tasty

With the tagline “Where healthy is yummy”, you can expect delicious and nutritious food at Mama Kim Sauna Mee Restaurant. Chef and supervisor Max Khor said the aim is to spread the message that healthy food can be tasty too. “Our concept of 80% vegetables and 20% meat in a single dish makes Mama Kim a stand-out for those who prefer healthy and yummy dishes.

“We use lots of vegetables. In other restaurants, vegetables may be merely used for garnishing, here it takes centre stage,” he said.

The menu is designed to provide a balanced diet with fresh ingredients and five colours as well as no MSG, no white sugar, no white flour, and less salt. Restaurant founder Liu Kim Hwa is often referred to as Mama by staff, and the name soon caught on with customers who would call her Mama Kim, hence the name of the restaurant.

We were served the titular Sauna Mee (RM15.90).

Khor said the restaurant had a huge oven that could heat up to 72 pots to 300°C to ensure that the pot stayed hot while customers enjoyed their meal, hence the name sauna mee. Don’t forget the soup while you enjoy the noodles. The Sauna Mee Chicken Soup is made from chicken bone, dried halibut, the Chinese herb Yuzhu (also known as Solomon’s Seal Rhizome), carrot, turnips, Chinese cabbage, yellow onion, and celery. For its vegetarian version, a vegetable-based soup is used.

It was evident that the signature dish was popular among diners as during the review, we saw other customers ordering it too. The Steamed Rice with Chilli “Taochew” (fermented bean paste) Chicken (RM15.90) is a wholesome meal with soup and vegetables.

“It’s like coming home and enjoying mum’s cooking,” Khor said.

Only brown rice is used in the restaurant. Other rice dishes we tried were the Baked Cheesy Mushroom Rice (RM13.90), which is topped with Mozzarella and the Pumpkin Fried Rice (RM10.90), both healthy and delicious items.

Those who enjoy seafood can opt for the Cantonese Seafood Noodles (RM16.90), which is topped with mussels, prawns, crab stick, seafood tofu and vegetables. I enjoyed it partially soaked in broth, which is poured onto the noodles upon serving, as some of its crunchiness is retained, adding texture to the dish. There is a vegetarian version of the Cantonese Seafood Noodles and other dishes too. Hence choices are aplenty for vegetarians.

For drinks, the top picks are Vegetable Juice (small RM6.90, large RM16.90), Lemongrass Tea (RM4.90), and Fruit Tea (RM11.90).

For those who want something nourishing for dessert, there are the Lotus Crystal Pea Dessert and Black Sesame Dessert, made in the restaurant. Despite being situated away from the main road, the restaurant was packed during lunchtime.

“When we first started the restaurant, we slowly gained customers. Now we have many regulars,” Khor said. The restaurant seats 140 people. While Puchong is known for its lack of parking bays in commercial areas, there were ample parking spots during the time of the review (lunchtime on a weekday).

There are also outlets in Kota Kemuning, Jalan Pahang and Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur.