29th June 2016

Herbaline Facial Spa & Mama Kim Sauna Mee | Puchong

After the short pampering session it was time for FOOD! Mama Kim seriously serves some of the best healthy cuisines I have tasted. It is not the regular healthy restaurants serving only vegetarian dishes but they have a concept of serving 80% vegetables and 20% meat diet. Dining here at night is a pleasant experience thanks to the garden area.

Starting off with their Salad which had a generous serving of vegetables and nicely seasoned chicken meat. I could indulge in this whole plate without feeling guilty!


Of course, one cannot dine at Mama Kim without ordering their Signature Mama Kim Sauna Mee which taste just as delicious as I remembered it to be! Sizzling hot stone bowl keeps my meal warm until the end and I loved how I could keep topping up the soup which tasted so good. 



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